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Customer Name:Mr Ivan Rukundo Ochienghs
I came to this PMVA training without any prior- knowledge of control and restraint or self-defence. However,I've taken more than the theoretical training but a wealth of knowledge about how to handle a dangerous situation like coming out of a strangulation, breaking away from a double hand grip, and taking a client to the floor in a safe manner. The training offers a lot of insight into self-defence awareness, Criminal Act Law 1967 and many more. I would highly recommend this PMVA training with Restore Health Care Ltd to anyone who works in a violent or aggressive environment.
Customer Name : Maureen

I had a nice training and knowledge was impacted which is useful in my work environment and day to day lifestyle. I am now more confident as an individual. Thanks to Restore Health Care.
Customer Name: Susan Mulasa

I have really enjoyed this PMVA training. I have trained under a few instructors in the past but I found this was very interesting and a lot of new things to learn. The lead trainer added humour to it and I learnt about how to disengage a strangulation hold, I also learnt the figure of 4 hold and many others. I encourage everyone to book themselves on the course because it is something that everyone needs in everyday life, especially when you work with violent and aggressive clients.
Customer Name:Mr Julius Asagba

I enjoyed this last 5 days of PMVA(Prevention and Management of Violence and Aggression) held in Stratford, London. The training location was very good for training. One good thing about the training is it gives you the awareness for self-defence that is legal for use at work. The training taught us a lot about the laws in health and safety. Finally, the instructors were very clear and patient when they taught, so, this made learning easy. I will be recommending this training to a lot people because it is useful in any environment.